Paint Throwing Activity

Paint Throwing Activity

Encourage children to take creative learning and fun outdoors with the Paint Throwing Activity. With just a few materials, children are given the opportunity to make unique masterpieces while taking their art to a new environment. This exciting Paint Throwing Activity keeps the mess outside and shows children that art is more than coloring inside the lines.

How Does Paint Throwing Tie in with Outdoor Learning?

Outdoor learning engages children's free-thinking and imagination. This activity requires those same skills. The Paint Throwing Activity is an art activity with little guidelines. Children are given the materials with one instruction: Throw the paint at the easel. Outdoor learning also gives children the chance to explore different patterns and designs. This activity encourages children to create their own patterns and designs. With outdoor learning children are given unlimited space to create and learn.

Why Is It Important to Include Outdoor Learning Experiences in Early Childhood Education?

Including outdoor learning in early childhood is important to ensure children learn about their environment and explore the natural wonders it offers. Outdoor learning encourages children to think freely and assists in developing creativity, something that is important to incorporate in their early childhood years. Every trip outside is an opportunity for children to gain new skills and an appreciation for the world around them.

How To Include the Paint Throwing Activity in Your Lesson Plan

Introduce the Paint Throwing Activity to your students by providing a break from learning inside the classroom. Students will have a chance to enjoy the nice weather outside while also exercising their creative skills. Have students to choose their watercolors and sponge shapes before throwing. With choosing their own elements, each outcome will be personalized to the student. Students will shed their old expectations of art and learn that they don't need a paintbrush to paint. Use this opportunity to encourage your students to experiment with colors and use their imaginations.

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Paint Throwing Activity

Required Materials:

1Position the Easel

Position the art easel outside to prevent messes indoors.

2Pour Watercolors into Bins

Pour the water colors into three bins within throwing distance of the easel.


Have children dip the the sponges in the watercolor bins and throw the sponges at the easel.


Take learning outdoors to have fun in the sun with the Paint Throwing Activity! Browse our selection of products and resources to support art and outdoor learning and related resources to plan creative outdoor activities and crafts.