Ice Chalk Art Activity

Ice Chalk Art Activity

Chalk is a fun summer activity that all children love. Unfortunately, sometimes those beautiful chalk creations stick around on the driveway and sidewalk for a little longer than anticipated! Avoid the stress of long-term chalk art with this Ice Chalk Activity. Ice chalk can easily be washed away with a little water and can be made with ingredients from around the house. It will also keep you cool during those hot summer afternoons!

What Is Ice Chalk?

Ice chalk is a simple mixture of cornstarch, water, and food coloring or watercolor paint. Simply mix these ingredients together and freeze for fun that will also cool you down. Ice chalk melts as you use it, making interesting color mixtures and abstract art. The Ice Chalk Activity encourages process art and allows for children's creativity to flourish as they make their own masterpieces. It also provides mess-free excitement for the whole family or class.

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 Ice Chalk

Required Materials:


Combine one cup of cornstarch with one cup of warm water and mix thoroughly.


Pour the mixture into ice or ice pop trays and prepare to freeze.


Add food coloring or a liquid watercolor of your choice to the mixture. Encourage kids to create bright and fun colors, or mix them together and experiment.


Allow the mixture to sit in the freezer long enough to harden. After a few hours, remove and enjoy making sidewalk masterpieces!


Ice chalk is a neat, easy, and unique craft for children of all ages. Encouraging creativity among children is a vital part of their learning experience. Be sure to browse our selection of art supplies and fun crafts and activities to help children work on developing their dexterity.