Grinch Inspired Activities

Grinch Inspired Activities

Children will sing with joy and cheer as they create these holiday Grinch Inspired Activities grinning ear to ear. Perfect for children, young and old, their hearts will grow three sizes while this classic story is being told. Inspired by Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, teachers and parents can include these two unique activities (Chimney Stuck Ornaments and Grinch Heart Slime) as educational and fun opportunities to learn through hands-on creativity and sensory play. Both are important because they foster cognitive, language, fine motor and social emotional development.

What Are Grinch Inspired Activities?

Chimney stuck ornament

The DIY Chimney Stuck Ornaments are a cute and playful holiday activity that transforms an empty upcycled coffee pod into a chimney. Add decorations and the bottom half of the Grinch to delight in your completed craft. Children are sure to giggle as they realize the Grinch is stuck in the chimney!

Grinch slime

The DIY Grinch Heart Slime (without borax) is a safe and engaging hands-on activity to encourage sensory play for children three years and up. Your holiday helper(s) will be excited to assist with measuring and mixing the ingredients along with squishing, squeezing, and stretching the final product. Children are sure to be fascinated with the ability to make their own sparkly slime that molds in their hands.

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Required Materials:

1Chimney Stuck Ornaments

Empty and clean a coffee pod. Cut a piece of red construction paper and draw brick designs on it with a marker. Wrap the paper around the coffee pod and glue it together using the hot glue gun. Glue the green pom pom and white craft fluff onto the open end of the coffee pod. Cut two pieces of black chenille stems for the legs and ben the ends to form feet. Place the black chenille stems into the green pom pom with feet facing toward you. Fold and twist one end of a red chenille stem to form a loop, and place the opposite end into the green pom pom. Encourage children to hang their Grinch inspired Chimney Stuck Ornaments in the classroom or at home on a tree.

2Grinch Heart Slime

Mix the clear glue, baking soda, water, and slime activator together until blended. Add green glitter and mix thoroughly (optional). Encourage children to squeeze, pull, and mold their sparkly creation.


Add these festive and fun Grinch Inspired Activities to your classroom lesson plans and home craft activities for the holidays. Be sure to browse our selection of classroom arts and crafts and related resources for seasonal crafts and activities.