Telescope Tubes

Telescope Tubes

Shoot for the stars with this creative outdoor learning activity sure to inspire children to play and explore outside. Telescope Tubes are an exciting way to teach children about the function of telescopes with the help of arts and crafts. This engaging activity gives children the opportunity to create a unique and personalized telescope to view the magnificent wonders in the sky. Teachers and parents can use Telescope Tubes as a fun way to promote art, science, and outdoor learning while encouraging children to appreciate the view around them.

How Does this Arts and Crafts Activity Promote Science and Outdoor Learning?

Children are introduced to a whole new world of play and exploration when learning is taken outdoors. The Telescope Tubes arts and crafts activity encourages children to create and investigate their natural surroundings while having fun outside. This provides enriching opportunities for discussion and discovery as children inquire the how, why, what if, and I wonder type of questions, which is a great introduction to the six steps of the scientific method for preschoolers. Educators and parents can prompt young children to ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, and share.

Why Is It Important to Teach Science Outside the Classroom?

The outdoors is nature's laboratory. Outside, there are scientific cycles occurring such as the water cycle and photosynthesis, along with thriving ecosystems all around. Teaching science outside the classroom allows children to experience these things first-hand. Not only are discovery and exploration important skills to foster in early childhood education, but they are also important when teaching about the vast subject of science.

How To Include Telescope Tubes In Your Outdoor Classroom?

Introduce Telescope Tubes to your students as an opportunity to learn about space, astronomy, and the earth around them. Use this activity to teach students about the different types of telescopes, the functions of each, and the important role telescopes have in astronomy. Start a discussion about the other tools astronomers use and why their job is important in understanding space. The Telescope Tubes activity is also an opportunity for your students to learn about the elements of the sky. Take your students outside after completing their telescopes and have them point out things they see in the sky such as clouds, birds, or airplanes. Stimulate their imaginations by asking what shapes they see in the clouds.

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 Telescope Tubes

Required Materials


Paint the cardboard tube and let it dry.


Decorate the painted cardboard tube with stickers.

3Go Outside!

Take the finished telescope tubes outside and get a better view of the sky.


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