Rainbow Wind Chimes

rainbow wind chimes

Catch the warm summer breeze with this exciting outdoor learning activity that is sure to get your child's creativity flowing. Rainbow Wind Chimes encourages children to create their own unique wind chime that they will be able to display at home or in the classroom. This fun activity takes art to the outdoors and gives children the opportunity to decorate their environment with vibrant colors.

Why Is It Important to Include Art and Outdoor Learning Experiences in Early Childhood Education?

Outdoor learning fosters innovation and encourages children to think freely; skills that are equally as important in art-based learning. Art is a great subject to take outside to avoid mess indoors and give children unlimited space to think and create. Using natural objects in art activities encourages children to expand their creativity and teaches them that they can make art from their environment. With art and outdoor learning experiences children are able to enjoy the outdoors while being empowered to think outside the box.

How To Include Rainbow Wind Chimes in Your Classroom

Introduce Rainbow Wind Chimes to your students as an opportunity to decorate the school with their art. Teach your students about the order of the rainbow colors, then have them paint the wind chimes accordingly. When they are done with their wind chime masterpiece, help them hang the wind chimes outside the classroom window or at the front of the school for everyone to enjoy their art. Additionally, use this activity to teach your students about the unique history of wind chimes and the helpful role the wind chimes play in alerting people to dangerous winds and approaching storms.

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 Wind Chimes

Required Materials:


Paint the sticks and let them dry.


Tie knots around each of the sticks with the yarn. Tie the smaller sti


Place your Rainbow Wind Chime in a tree, on your porch, or anywhere you desire.


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