Autumn Scarecrow Craft

Autumn Scarecrow Craft

Simple and fun, the Autumn Scarecrow Craft is the perfect DIY arts and craft activity to welcome the fall season into your classroom. Scarecrows are as much a part of fall as pumpkins and falling leaves! Children will love creating their own unique scarecrow as they celebrate the changing of seasons while expressing their creativity.

How Can I Use This In My Lesson Plan?

The Autumn Scarecrow Craft isn't just a chance for children to express their creativity as they make their very own versions of the iconic symbol of fall we all know and love. It's also the perfect opportunity to have discussions about the changing fall scenery, fall harvest celebrations, and even the purpose of scarecrows and their importance to community helpers like the farmers that help grow our food! The Autumn Scarecrow Craft is a great way to satisfy children's innate curiosity surrounding fall and the changes to their outside environment while encouraging them to explore these changes through art.

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Required Materials:

1Gather Your Materials

Gather all of the materials you need to create your fall-themed scarecrow including: a fabric square, a pompom, rubber bands, two popsicle sticks, scissors, brown and yellow chenille stems, burlap, a kwik stik in the color of your choosing, a hot glue gun, and a black marker to add the final details needed to bring your scarecrow to life.

2Build Your Scarecrow

With your fabric square lying flat, place a large pompom in its center. Pull each corner of the fabric towards the center covering the pompom and secure the scarecrow's new head with a rubber band. Trim any excess fabric. Next, twist and tie brown chenille stems around the "tail" you secured with the rubber band. This is now top of the scarecrow's head! Using a black permanent marker, add a friendly face to your scarecrow and, using a piece of burlap and a kwik stik, encourage the children to design their scarecrow's outfit. Cut out the scarecrow's clothes from the burlap. Then, using a hot glue gun, glue your two popsicle sticks together in the shape of a small "t."

3Add The Finishing Touches

Once your popsicle sticks are secure, glue down your scarecrow's head, add their outfit to its scarecrow stand, and tie a rubber band around the scarecrow's middle to keep it in place. Don't forget to add the straw! Twist and tie yellow chenille stems around the scarecrow's arms to bring your new friend to life.


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