Ice Cream Sensory Bin Activity

Ice Cream Sensory Bin

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream sensory fun! Scoop after scoop, everyone will enjoy making these imaginative and fun ice cream treats! Children can exercise their fine motor skills along with the addition of sensory play while making a cone for themselves, a friend, or at a pretend ice cream shop.

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 Ice Cream Sensory

Required Materials


Place the Kidfetti , Pom Poms, Handy Scoops, and waffle cones in the Fun 2 Play sensory bin.


Invite Children to use a <ahref="https:"" product="" 30669="" handy-scoops?c="10%7CSW1010""> Handy Scoop to grab the pretend <ahref="https:"" product="" 88909="" pom-poms-bright-hues-100-count-assorted-sizes?c="11%7CAR1045""> ice cream and carefully place it in their waffle cone. </ahref="https:> </ahref="https:>


Children can add to the fun by placing a small, red, pretend cherry on top or pretend sprinkles can also be added to complete the treat.


Children can set up a pretend ice cream shop to add a dramatic play element and extend the enjoyment or simply enjoy the creations they made.


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