Ocean Sensory Bin Activity

Ocean Sensory Bin Activity

The Ocean Sensory Bin is an exciting and creative activity that will have your children jumping for joy. With sand, water beads, and other ocean-themed objects, children will have the chance to engage in both sensory and dramatic play. The Ocean Sensory Bin creates an excellent opportunity for water fun while minimizing the mess, making it the perfect summer activity!

How does this activity provide opportunities for children to engage in sensory play?

Children will love interacting with the sand and squishy water beads. They can test their sense of touch by scooping the slippery beads and feeling the cool water. Through the use of seashells, plant life, and ocean animals, children can learn to identify ocean life as well as engage in dramatic play. Extend the fun and learning by adding additional objects.

Why is it important to include opportunities for sensory play in the classroom?

In order for young children to explore and understand new information, they must exercise the use of their senses. When you allow children to engage in sensory play, they are able to learn from hands-on experience, which gives children the opportunity to think creatively, investigate new ideas, and participate in dramatic play. The Ocean Sensory Bin is a center for developmental growth where fun coincides with learning.

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 Ocean Sensory Bin

Required Materials:

1Position the Table

Position your sand and water table outside for mess-free fun.

2Pour in the Sand

Pour in three containers of Jurassic Sand on one side of the bin.

3Add Water

Add water beads to the opposite side of the bin. After the beads have been added, pour cold water on top of the beads to create the ocean.

4Set the Scene

Place seashells, plant life, and ocean animals throughout the bin. Encourage children to explore and enjoy!


Introduce the Ocean Sensory Bin in your classroom to provide children with an engaging activity to get them excited for summer. Use this opportunity to teach them about ocean life, water, and World Ocean Day (celebrated annually on June 8th). Be sure to browse our list of sensory-related products, resources, and professional development.