Halloween Crafts for Kids: Monster Dolls

Halloween Crafts for Kids: Monster Dolls

Halloween is right around the corner and soon, little ghouls, princesses, vampires, zombies, superheroes, and fairies will be making their yearly appearance! Creating Monster Dolls with your students is the perfect way to spark creativity while bringing spooky Halloween fun to your classroom community!

This easy-to-do Halloween arts and crafts activity inspires children to explore their imagination through creative expression while also encouraging a sense of community as each student crafts a unique Halloween-themed monster of their own creation. Your learners will love making up their own spooky monster and will feel proud when they see their artwork displayed around the classroom: the perfect way to involve children in decorating for Halloween. Students may think of their Monster Dolls as just another fun Halloween craft, but really, they're building a strong foundation for future art explorations!

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 Monster Dolls

Required Materials:

1Pick Your Monster

Ask children what kind of monster they want to create (zombie, vampire, ghost, mummy, pirate, or a monster of their own making). Give each child a Giant Paper Kid, or have children trace with a marker on art paper rolls to make child-size paper dolls.

2Choose Your Materials

Have a variety of wiggly eyes, markers, crayons, and construction paper available, so children can get the colors and materials they need to create their Monster Dolls. You can also have other materials, such as toilet paper, gauze, spider web material, and plastic teeth, available for children to choose from.


Encourage children to have fun decorating their Monster Dolls. They should start with designing clothes for their monsters. They can use crayons or markers to draw clothes on the Giant Paper Kids, or they can use construction paper to make pants, shirts, capes, and more. The next thing they should work on is the monster's features. They can glue down wiggly eyes and draw or make different face features or any other characteristics they want to add to their dolls.


Display children's Monster Dolls in the classroom with webs and paper spiders for a cool effect.


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