What to Expect From Kaplan’s K-Truck Delivery Service

Whether you are opening a new early childhood facility or updating an existing classroom, shopping for classroom furniture and rugs can be exciting. 

Until the truck arrives, drops your items at the front door, and drives away! The last thing you want to do is spend your weekend unpacking boxes, assembling furniture, and setting up your classroom spaces. Even with the help of teachers, friends, and family, that is still a heavy load to shoulder. 

With Kaplan's K-Truck service, there is no need to worry about how your items will get from the truck to the classroom. Our dedicated installation professionals receive expert training so they can deliver classroom spaces that are conducive to child development and promote positive play. For the last 50 years, our delivery team has spent countless hours delivering furniture and materials to early childhood facilities throughout the United States. 

Will yours be next?

Before placing an order with Kaplan, you may have delivery questions that need answers. What delivery options does Kaplan offer, and is it best for you? What happens after you schedule your delivery? How should you prepare for your delivery? What happens if something goes wrong with your delivery? The list goes on and on.  

To get answers to these questions, read this article to explore Kaplan's K-Truck service and how this delivery method will make furnishing your early childhood spaces quick, easy, and stress-free.

What is Kaplan K-Truck Delivery?

Kaplan's K-Truck Delivery is a full-service option for customers making purchases for the opening of a new center, renovation, or classroom addition. With this service, a Kaplan Installer will come out to your facility to oversee the installation team, unload and unbox all of your furniture and large floor space items, assemble your furniture, and clear out all trash and cardboard using an onsite dumpster before leaving.  

Read this article to learn more about Kaplan's K-Truck Delivery service.  

Is there a fee for Kaplan's delivery services? That depends on several factors. To schedule a K-Truck Delivery and get an exact quote on pricing, please get in touch with your local Kaplan Sales Representative

What happens after I schedule a Kaplan K-Truck Delivery?

When you place an order that qualifies for a K-Truck Delivery, your Kaplan Sales Representative will coordinate and collaborate with our internal teams to schedule your delivery. You will receive a delivery notification once we secure a time on our schedule that works for you, your Kaplan Representative, and any third-party laborers needed for the job. 

Your order will go out for delivery once all "in-stock" items from your order are packaged and ready to ship.  Any items that are on backorder will ship at a later date. You will also be responsible for the assembly of any backorder items. 

One month before your scheduled delivery date, your Kaplan Representative will reach out to you to confirm your delivery date and update you on the items you should expect to receive. Your representative will contact you again around two weeks before your scheduled delivery date to confirm the date and time of your delivery and make sure your classroom/s and facility are ready for the arrival of new furnishings.  

On the day of your scheduled delivery, a Kaplan representative will meet you at your facility to keep you up-to-date on your delivery process and ensure the delivery runs smoothly. 

Two men stand at the back of a delivery truck which is holding stacks of brown cardboard packages. The men are smiling at each other while holding a brown box between them which has "Kaplan Early Learning Company" on the side.
How soon will my delivery arrive after I place an order?

There are many factors that can influence the arrival time of your Kaplan delivery. We will make every effort to meet your delivery deadlines, but please remember that delivery delays can happen due to circumstances outside our control. If you need to place an order that will require K-Truck Delivery, please do so at least 60 days before your desired delivery date. This will give you the best chance of having the majority (or all) of your items arrive on time. 

How do I prepare my classroom and facility for a K-Truck delivery?

To guarantee the delivery process runs smoothly, you want to prepare your facility and classrooms ahead of your scheduled delivery day. If you order furnishings for a brand-new center, please ensure all construction, inspections, and permits are complete and filed with your state before your delivery arrives. You must also submit your Certificate of Occupancy to your Kaplan Representative 7-10 days before your scheduled delivery date to confirm your facility is ready to accept your order. 

If construction delays occur and your facility will not open on time, you will need to share that information with your Sales Representative, who will then reschedule your K-Truck Delivery to a more convenient time. 

If you are replacing the existing furnishings in your facility, you will need to remove all of the old furnishings from your classrooms before we arrive with your order. Kaplan is not responsible for removing or hauling off your old furnishings; that is something you will need to do on your own. 

Will children be on-site the day of your scheduled delivery? You will need to relocate the children to a separate classroom or outdoor space during your classroom's delivery, installation, and setup. You should also share this information with your Kaplan Sales Representative. To protect you, your staff, and the children in your care, we mandate background checks on all delivery and installation team members before they step foot on any facility. 

A Kaplan employee in a blue shirt stands behind an open delivery truck, he has a brown package in his hands that says "Kaplan Early Learning Company."
Where will the cardboard and packaging go after my delivery?

After delivery, the Kaplan delivery team will remove all packaging material and boxes from inside your facility. However, you must provide the dumpsters or waste receptacles for that material. Kaplan does not haul away trash, boxes, or plastic wrap from your facility.

What potential issues could arise during a K-Truck delivery, and how can I prepare for those?

Like with any delivery service, issues can arise that cause a bump in the road to a smooth delivery. Some of the most common issues that affect our customers are: 

  • Driveways that are too narrow for large delivery trucks to navigate safely. 
  • Buildings with multiple levels and no elevator or elevator access
  • There is no access to a parking lot, which means unloading must happen on a busy city street
  • A new construction project that is not finished in time for customers to accept the delivery
  • No dumpsters on site for trash removal

These issues do not mean you cannot use the K-Truck Delivery service. We need to be aware of these issues beforehand so that our delivery and installation team can make accommodations and bring additional tools to your site so they can complete the job on time.

What happens if something goes wrong with my delivery?

At Kaplan, we take customer satisfaction seriously. If an item is broken, scratched, or dented, hold onto the damaged item and its original packaging. Then, contact your local Kaplan Representative to inform them of the issues with your order. They will be happy to assist you with all product returns and replacements. 

Ready to schedule a Kaplan K-Truck or Assisted Setup Delivery?

This article answers the most common questions about Kaplan delivery services and what that process looks like for our customers. If you are still unsure whether K-Truck or Assisted Setup Delivery services are for you, please get in touch with your local Kaplan Representative. They can answer any remaining questions and help you find a convenient, stress-free solution for all your ordering and shipping needs. 

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