Ordering From Kaplan? What You Should Know About Our Delivery Process

After purchasing furnishings and materials for your learning spaces and early childhood facilities, you want to know that your items will arrive on time and will be ready to support the development of young children right out of the box. And in a world where two-day delivery has become the norm, it is easy to forget that the delivery process for items such as classroom furnishings is not always that speedy or straightforward.

We believe in honesty and transparency here at Kaplan, especially regarding the shipping methods and processes you will encounter after placing an order with us. The more you know, the better prepared you will be when it is time to accept your delivery and incorporate your new items into your classroom/s.

If you want the inside scoop on Kaplan delivery, including what to expect after placing your order and how to prepare for circumstances that could delay the arrival of your items, keep reading. This article answers our most-asked customer shipping questions and will give you the confidence to place order after order with a brand you trust – Kaplan. 

What happens after I place an order with Kaplan Early Learning Company?

After placing an order with Kaplan Early Learning Company, you will receive an email to confirm your purchase. Your order will then go to our warehouse, where we will work diligently to package your items for delivery. Once your package is ready to ship out, you will receive another email notification with your expected delivery date.


If you purchase an item that is on backorder, that item will ship at a later date. Due to the intricacies of our order processing system, you may not get an email notification when an item in your order is on backorder or when a backorder item finally ships. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Drop Shipping

Please note that any drop-ship items in your order do not ship from our Kaplan warehouse. Instead, they ship from a third-party vendor and could take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive at your facility. Unfortunately, with drop-shipped items, you will not receive an email from Kaplan with shipping timeframes and delivery dates. 

As with any shipping process, issues or delays may happen. We understand your concerns and are constantly thinking through processes and procedures that can make shipping as stress-free as possible for our customers. Our Kaplan Representatives are ready to shoulder this weight for you as we continue to fine-tune our delivery processes. They can help you place an order, track your packages, and ensure every item you purchase arrives at your facility on time and intact. Click here to contact your local representative and get their assistance with your order and delivery.

Two women stand inside a packaging facility, they are looking at shelves full of brown cardboard boxes.
How will my order ship to my facility?

We ship items to early childhood facilities and home-based child care centers throughout the United States in various ways. When you place an order with Kaplan, your items could arrive via UPS ground, on an LTL truck, on a Kaplan truck, or through one of our drop-ship vendors. Our system creates a shipping rating scale to determine how your order will ship. 

Depending on the size of your order and the items you purchase, you may receive one or more shipments through any of these delivery methods. Again, working with a Kaplan Representative is a great way to become aware of and prepare for multiple deliveries. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The weather, your location, and the in-stock status of your items can all influence the arrival time of your Kaplan delivery. The article, If I Order Something From Kaplan Today, When Will I Get It? details delivery timelines and when you can expect your order to arrive. We will make every effort to meet your delivery deadlines, but please remember that delivery delays can happen due to circumstances outside our control. 

How can I prepare for the arrival of my order?

As delivery day approaches, it's time to prepare for the arrival of your new items. Ensure all classrooms and learning spaces are clean and free of old furnishings and that any children onsite are relocated to a more convenient space when delivery occurs. Someone must be onsite the day of your scheduled delivery to sign for and accept your packages. 

With delivery services like FedEx or UPS, the driver often leaves packages outside your facility or home's front door (or first visible door). This could pose a problem for facilities with no porch, overhang, or protection from the elements. Kaplan found a way to alleviate this issue with our Inside Delivery Services

Inside Delivery is a service that Kaplan pays your LTL driver to perform. With this service, your delivery driver will bring your items through the first door of your facility. This means your furnishings and materials are safe, protected, and not at risk of being damaged or stolen. Please remember that if you operate an in-home facility, the driver will not be allowed inside your front door due to liability issues. 

While most drivers are ready and willing to bring your items inside, on rare occasions, drivers may refuse to unload the items from their truck and/or refuse to bring the items inside the first door of your facility. If this occurs and you have requested Inside Delivery, please reach out to a Kaplan Customer Support Representative. They will be happy to remedy the situation for you.  

What potential issues could arise during the delivery of my order, and how can I prepare for those?

At Kaplan, we aim to make the delivery process smooth and efficient so that every customer can create classroom spaces that foster child development and encourage learning through play. As with any delivery service, issues can arise that cause a slight hiccup in an otherwise smooth shipping process. Some of the most common issues that affect our customers are: 

  • Driveways that are too narrow for large delivery trucks to navigate safely. 
  • Buildings with multiple levels and no elevator
  • There is no access to a parking lot, which means unloading must happen on a busy city street
  • No one is onsite to accept a delivery 

There may be situations outside of anyone's control that hinder the arrival of your Kaplan order. However, if we are aware of any potential factors that could affect your delivery, we can make accommodations or send out reinforcements to ensure you receive your items on time without the added stress of needing to leave your facility to accept an order. 

What happens if you notice damaged or missing boxes after receiving your delivery? The first step is not to panic. Damaged packaging can occur during transit, but it does not necessarily mean the items inside the package are damaged. Inspect each item in your order to check for damages to the furniture or materials. If you notice a damaged item or missing package from your order, reach out to our Customer Support Team for further assistance.

A Kaplan employee in a blue shirt stands inside an early childhood classroom, brown cardboard packaging boxes are in the room behind him. The man is opening a box and using his hands to pull a crib railing out of the box.
Will Kaplan assist with furniture assembly and classroom setup?

Absolutely! This service is only applicable for qualifying orders, and it is a service you will need to schedule with a Kaplan Sales Representative before finalizing your Kaplan order. Read this article to learn more about our K-Truck and Assisted Setup services.

Ready to place an order with Kaplan Early Learning Company?

With a better understanding of the Kaplan shipping process, you can feel confident as you order furnishings and materials for your early childhood classrooms and facilities. Visit our website to browse our varied selection of tables, chairs, playground equipment, classroom essentials, and more. When you are ready to make your final selections, connect with a Kaplan Sales Representative who will be more than happy to assist you with the ordering and delivery process. 

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