Inspirational Word Cloud Wings

Inspirational Word Cloud Wings

Social-emotional learning takes flight with this confidence-boosting bulletin board idea for your classroom! The Inspirational Word Cloud Wings bulletin board empowers students with positive affirmations, encouraging them to play, learn, and grow in your classroom community. This easy-to-create bulletin board is the perfect way to foster self-esteem and explore healthy social-emotional development with your students.

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 Wing Bulletin Board

What Are Inspirational Word Cloud Wings?

Inspirational Word Cloud Wings are a colorful addition to any classroom as a centerpiece to welcome new students or as a source of mid-year inspiration! Filled with words of encouragement, exploration, and positivity, these word wings bring important affirmations to students, teaching them to believe in themselves, and in others, as they learn through play and grow as both individuals and as members of a community. Using chalk and black kraft paper, you can create a space that inspires crucial emotional development through positivity!

Your learners will love finding encouragement every day in these word wings as they explore the classroom environment, exercise their creativity, and build lasting connections – there's something new for everyone to discover each day with this inspirational showcase!

Why Are Words of Affirmation Important to Children?

Acknowledging children by providing them with positive feedback and encouragement is a crucial part of social-emotional learning and development in early childhood education. Words of positive affirmation, like those found in the Inspirational Word Cloud Wings, can help children develop the positive behaviors and social skills they need to be successful in school and in life! A strong social and emotional foundation is key to children's school success.

Finding ways to recognize children's growth, while supporting healthy social-emotional development, may be difficult for some teachers and caregivers, but displaying kind words is an easy way to bring authentic and positive learning into your classroom. For example, if a child's self-esteem is supported by positive affirmations and encouragement, he or she is much more likely to be confident and able to approach and overcome challenges or tough emotional experiences. Remember! Encouraging children to grow, play, and learn using inspirational affirmations is important to children's overall development and success in an early childhood environment, building a strong foundation for self-esteem, compassion, and resilience!

How Can I Use This in My Lesson Plan?

How do you incorporate social-emotional learning in your classroom? Social-emotional development can be found in many diverse forms from dramatic play to one-on-one support and recognition from teachers. The encouraging messages found in the Inspirational Word Cloud Wings are not only a tool for praise and affirmation, but a tool for inspiring mindfulness in your students, as well. Providing students with a safe and stimulating space for learning allows them room to relax, rest, and reflect on the events of their day and their feelings. Reflection is an important part of mindfulness, and the powerful reminders of positivity and growth in the word wings provide children with a simple way to incorporate mindfulness into their day. Students may think of interacting with the word wings as play, but really, they're performing crucial work in building their emotional intelligence. When making Inspirational Word Cloud Wings for your classroom, consider making it a group or circle time activity. Encourage students to interact and provide inspiring words that will motivate and support them throughout the day. Use the word bank below to get started!

Word Bank:
  • Community
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Encourage
  • Friendship
  • Fun
  • Grow
  • Inspire
  • Kindness
  • Knowledge
  • Learn
  • Play
  • School
  • Success
  • Teamwork
  • Welcome
  • When We Play We Learn!

Required Materials:

1Prep your classroom

Prep your classroom bulletin board for this project by covering it in black kraft paper.

2Use word bank

Using a little imagination, the word bank provided above, or student suggestions, write inspiring words and messages on your bulletin board in colorful drawing chalk in the shape of wings.

3Outline your word wings

Outline your word wings with a creative design and decorate the bulletin board with an eye-catching border. Show off this inspiring bulletin board to your students and kickstart kindness in your classroom!


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