How to Make Your Own School Supplies Wreath

How to Make Your Own School Supplies Wreath

Looking for a fun craft to brighten up your classroom decorations? You can utilize leftover school supplies, such as crayons, yarn, and rulers, to create your own DIY School Supplies Wreath! This adorable and versatile wreath incorporates a small chalkboard sign into the design, so you can continuously change the message on your wreath to correspond with events happening at different times of the year.

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 Supplies Wreath

Required Materials:

1Make the Base of the Wreath

Knot one end of the yarn around the foam wreath, and then wind the yarn around the wreath until it's covered. Snip the yarn, and make another knot to keep the yarn in place.

2Add the Crayons

Using the hot glue gun, glue the crayons around the wreath. The bottom tips of the crayons should be pointing outward. Be sure to leave a small space open to hang the wreath with ribbon or twine.

3Add the Rulers

Glue several rulers to the back of the wreath so that they're sticking out past the crayons. We used 8 rulers in our design.

4Add the Chalkboard

Glue the small chalkboard sign to the middle of the wreath, and then use chalk or chalk markers to write custom messages to your students. Hang the wreath on your classroom door or on a wall in the classroom and enjoy!

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