Tree Rubbings Activity

Tree Rubbings Activity

The Tree Rubbings Activity is a simple and creative way to help children learn about patterns and textures. It can also help children learn about the different parts and characteristics of trees as they complete their tree rubbings. Children will love the opportunity to go outside and practice a new art technique!

Once children have completed their tree rubbings, have them compare the textures and patterns. How are they different? How are they similar? Does a tree's age affect how its bark appears on paper? Did they get different patterns and textures from the same tree, or did the pattern remain the same? After you've discussed children's findings, turn the tree rubbings into abstract art for your classroom walls!

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 Tree Rubbings

Required Materials:

1Prep for the Activity

Gather some jumbo crayons and 9" x 12" paper to take outside. Make sure you remove the wrappers from the crayons. You may want to put the crayons in a small container or take a roll of tape with you to help hang the paper.

2Make Tree Rubbings

Tape a piece of paper to a tree (or hold it up with your hands), and have children use the side of a crayon to rub over the paper and make the tree rubbing. Have them make tree rubbings of different trees in the area, and then compare the rubbings to see the different patterns and textures each tree has.


Include the Tree Rubbings Activity as part of your science, art, and outdoor learning lesson plans to provide children with opportunities for fun and creative learning experiences. Be sure to browse our list of outdoor learning products, resources, and professional development.