DIY Nature Bracelet Activity

DIY Nature Bracelet Activity

Cultivate outdoor learning and authentic play opportunities for children ages three and up by creating a nature bracelet from materials collected while on a nature walk. It is important to include outdoor learning experiences, such as going on a nature walk, because it is a simple, yet effective multisensory experience for young learners to explore the natural world around them. Inspired by Rethinking the Classroom Landscape, DIY nature bracelets are designed to allow children to collect and press natural objects on the bracelet while enjoying the outdoors. Little learners will be fascinated with observing the various features, identifying any distinct smells, and feeling the different textures of natural objects. Early educators can use this activity to support child-directed discovery while reinforcing science investigations, mathematical thinking, language development, and art exploration.

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 Nature Bracelet

Required Materials:

  • Duct Tape
  • Collected Natural Materials

Optional Materials:

1Create the Bracelet

Tear off a small piece of duct tape (we used colored tape). Carefully wrap the piece of tape, sticky side up, around the child's arm. Make sure to leave plenty of room to easily slip off the bracelet.

2Decorate the Bracelet

Go on a nature walk and gather items to place on your nature bracelet. Encourage children to fill their bracelets with a variety of colors and textures. Ideas of items to look for include flowers, colorful leaves, sticks, acorns, seeds, tree bark, and small pinecones. Carefully place each item onto your bracelet as you find them. For younger children, we suggest staging an outdoor area with a variety items that they can easily find. Once each child has filled up one or more bracelets, have the children touch, compare, and explain the items on their bracelet.


Include the DIY Nature Bracelet activity as part of your outdoor classroom to provide children with fun and creative opportunities for multisensory learning experiences.

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