Healthy Winter Snacks

Healthy Winter Snacks

Bring a taste of winter and hands-on fun into snack time by creating these playful, healthy, and delicious treats in your classroom! Healthy eating is an important component to children's health and benefits their learning. Children are sure to giggle and get creative with these four nutritious and filling options. Choose one snack to make at a time or offer supplies for children to choose which of the four they'd like to make. Use this engaging opportunity to illustrate that healthy eating habits can be fun and delicious!

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 Winter Snacks

Required Materials:

1Polar Bear Parfait


      Using the
children's knife
      have children cut banana slices. Scoop yogurt into a
      and place bananas and blueberries on the yogurt to create their polar bear face.


2Penguin Bananas


      Have children peel their banana and dip the end into a large
      of melted dark chocolate. Place on a
      and add the eyes and an orange chocolate candy piece.


3Fruit Snowman


      Peel and precut kiwi slices and pineapple chunks. Invite children to place kiwi slice bodies, pineapple chunk mouths, dried cranberry buttons, and blueberry eyes on their
      to create a colorful snowman.


4Melted Snowman


      Give children a
clear tumbler
    to scoop yogurt into. Carefully add pretzel arms, eyes, chocolate nose, and dried cranberry buttons.



Include these delicious snack activities in your classroom to provide a creative and yummy way to learn about health and nutrition while also celebrating the winter season with your students. Be sure to browse our list of health and nutrition products, resources, and related professional development for more inspiration.