DIY Fake Snow: Winter Weather Science Experiment

DIY Fake Snow: Winter Weather Science Experiment

From snow and ice to freezing rain and cold temperatures, there’s a lot to explore about the weather in winter. The winter season provides wonderful opportunities for fun and engaging science experiments in the classroom. DIY Fake Snow is a wonderful way to explore winter weather through hands-on fun!

How do you make fake snow? Well, if you only need enough to do snow science experiments with kids, it's actually pretty simple. Check out the video and instructions below for information on how to make DIY Fake Snow in your classroom.

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 DIY Fake Snow

Required Materials:

1Gather Your Materials

Grab your baking soda, shaving cream, and a large mixing bowl to start creating your snow.

2Create Your Snow

Squirt half a can of shaving cream (about 3 cups) into a large mixing bowl. Please note that the experiment will not work with shaving gel. Pour an entire box of baking soda onto the cream and mix thoroughly. The mixture will become a snowy texture that is easily moldable and cold to the touch.

3Enjoy Your Winter Wonderland

Once you've created your snow, it's time to play! Encourage children to explore the DIY Fake Snow they've created! They'll love learning more about the winter season through this hands-on experiment.


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