Ghost Rockets STEAM Activity

Ghost Rockets STEAM Activity

Learn with ghosts in this fun Halloween-themed activity for kids! Ghost Rockets are perfect for celebrating Halloween while keeping children engaged and helping them learn a variety of STEAM concepts. Children will love making the ghosts and participating in this high-flying experiment.

A little boy mixes water and cornstarch together

What is the Ghost Rockets STEAM Activity, and how does it encourage STEAM?

The Ghost Rockets STEAM Activity uses simple materials, such as water, cornstarch, and Alka-Setzer® tablets, to create a chemical reaction that simulates a rocket launch. Making the ghosts with film canisters and mixing the ingredients involves science (studying the chemical reaction), technology (exploring rockets and what they're used for), engineering (creating the rockets), art (adding the faces), and math (making measurements).

Why is it important for children to learn about chemical reactions?

Whether it's fireworks on the 4th of July, baking a cake, food going bad, or our own digestion, chemistry and chemical reactions can be found all around us. Helping children learn the basic concepts of chemistry with the Ghost Rockets and other similar activities will help them better understand the world around them and how science can be found in everyday life. Experimenting with how much water and cornstarch you put in the film canisters and studying what impacts those changes in measurements have on the Ghost Rockets will also help children learn about cause and effect and the scientific method.

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Required Materials:

1Decorate the Film Canisters

Use a black marker to make faces on the "ghosts".

2Add Cornstarch and Water

Add a spoonful of cornstarch and a spoonful of water to each canister. Mix the two components together with a spoon or craft stick.

3Prep for Launch

Select your launchpad (we chose some outdoor stairs), and put on your safety goggles.

4Initiate Launch, Step Back, and Watch!

Put a crushed Alka-Setzer® tablet in the canister, put on the lid, step back a few feet, and watch the Ghost Rockets take off!


Incorporate the Ghost Rockets STEAM Activity into your lesson plans to encourage STEM learning, nurture scientific inquiry, and explore chemical reactions. Be sure to browse our list of STEM-related products, resources, and professional development.