Balloon Rockets STEM Activity

Balloon Rockets STEM Activity

The Balloon Rocket STEM Activity is an exciting hands-on learning experience that will have students of all ages clamoring to learn. With just a few simple materials, you can create your own rocket simulation in the classroom. Students will learn the simple physics behind thrust and air as they simulate a real rocket launch.

What is the Balloon Rocket STEM Activity?

The Balloon Rocket STEM Activity is a simple, yet amazing, activity that will have students learning about the physics of motion and launch in no time. Create a path for the balloon rocket with string and release the inflated balloon along the launch path. As the balloon loses air, the balloon will move along the path with the forward motion of thrust. Have students experiment with different sizes of balloons and varying launch path lengths to understand how thrust changes under different conditions. Which balloon travels the fastest and farthest? These questions and experiments will encourage STEM based learning in the classroom as students will inquire and explore as they engage with this activity.

Why is it important to include opportunities for students to engage in STEM experiences?

Early childhood educators should include STEM activities in the classroom to encourage students to think critically and to engage in scientific inquiry and exploration. As they participate in the activity, they will learn a variety of concepts, including the scientific method. Encourage students to utilize the scientific method to enhance their understanding of the activity as they investigate the how, why, what if, and I wonder types of questions as they perform the experiment.

Follow these six steps of the scientific method for preschoolers:

What are the children curious about?

What do they think will happen if they investigate their curiosities?

What steps should they take to try out their ideas?

Try out their thoughts and ideas.

How could they change the process to create a different outcome?

Talk about the children's new ideas and what they have learned.

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 Balloon Rockets

Required Materials:

  • String or Yarn
  • Balloon
  • Plastic Straw
  • Tape

1Create a Path

Tie one end of a long piece of string or yarn around the back of a chair.

2Prep the Balloon

Inflate the balloon, but do not tie off the end. Tape a straw to the balloon, and thread the string through the straw.

3Ready, Set, Launch!

Release the balloon and watch it speed down its launch path!

Incorporate the Balloon Rocket STEM Activity into your classroom to encourage STEM learning and scientific inquiry. Be sure to browse our list of STEM-related products, resources, and professional development.