Bee Pollination STEAM Activity

Bee Pollination STEAM Activity

Buzz through spring with the Bee Pollination STEAM Activity! Now that more and more bees are coming out after the cold winter, it's the perfect time to teach children about how bees and flowers help each other out to accomplish each other's goals: Flowers getting pollinated and bees gathering nectar for honey. Children will enjoy flying their little bee buddies around and helping them gather pollen to deliver from flower to flower.

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 Pollination Activity

Required Materials:

1Make Your Little Bee Friend!


Time to make your little pollinating pal! First, take 2 yellow pom poms and stick them close together near the tip of your popsicle stick. Next, take a black chenille stems and cut it in half with your scissors. Take 1 of your halves and place it between the 2 pom poms and place the other half of the chenille stem at the rear of the 2 pom poms. You will then want to twist the 2 pipe cleaners around the stick so they will stay attached. Then, shape them into 4 little bendy bee legs!


2Create your Flowers


Now that you have your little bee friend, it's time to make your flowers! Take your colorful pieces of paper and your scissors to cut out 2 large flower shaped pieces. Once you have your 2 flowers, place a small round container on 1 of them and a small round jar lid on the other. The container and lid will act as the pistil, or center, of your flower.


3Create your Pollen


Now it's time to *ACHOO* create the pollen for our flowers! Get your bag of Cheese Doodles/Cheese Balls and empty some into the round container. Using your scissors, begin to crush them up into little flakes. Continue to do this until they look like little particles of Pollen!


4Help your Bees pollinate the flowers!


It looks like one of your flowers could use some help getting pollinated! Take your little bee friend and have them dip their legs into the round container full of pollen. Once they have a good amount of pollen sticking to their legs, fly them over to the empty jar lid and help them drop off some of that pollen. Continue to do this until you feel that you and your bee friend have properly pollinated the other flower! You can also prepare more than 1 flower that needs to be pollinated to keep the activity going.



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