DIY Seashell Mobile Craft

DIY Seashell Mobile Craft

Get children excited for summer with the DIY Seashell Mobile Craft. This cute, beach-themed mobile will give children the opportunity to use seashells and yarn to create their own personal summer decoration. It also allows children to express themselves, use their creativity, and exercise their fine motor skills.

Whether you're a teacher looking for a summer learning activity or a parent looking for a fun summer craft for kids, both you and the children in your care will love making cute mobiles to hang as decoration in the classroom or at home. It's also the perfect activity for National Seashell Day, which is celebrated annually on June 22.

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 Seashell Mobile

Required Materials:

1Make Holes in the Seashells (Adults Only)

Seashells may naturally have small holes in them that you can use for this craft, but if your seashells don't have holes, you can use a small drill or a nail and hammer to gently tap a hole through the shell. Most seashells are stronger than they look, so don't worry about breaking them.

2Cut and Tie

Cut 3 to 4 pieces of yarn to the desired length of your mobile. (Use longer pieces of yarn and more strands to make a larger adult version.) Next, tie the yarn around the driftwood or stick. Make sure the knots are secure since the yarn will be holding all of your shells.

3Add Shells

String the shells through the yarn and tie knots to secure them. Place as many or as few as you would like to create the perfect seashell mobile.


Continue to tie and string the shells until you are happy with your mobile.

5Hang and Enjoy!

Cut another piece of yarn, and use it to string up the mobile.

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