Corduroy Fine Motor Activities

Corduroy Fine Motor Activities

Corduroy, the classic tale of a bear's department store adventures, comes to life yet again with these amazing fine motor activities. Don Freeman's timeless book provides a perfect opportunity to have students engage with elements of Corduroy that encourages the development of fine motor skills. Consider having students read Corduroy as a group before trying these activities to ensure everyone understands and enjoys the activities!

What are the Corduroy Fine Motor Activities?

The Corduroy Fine Motor Activities encourage students to work closely with their hands in two different methods. The first activity has students string a variety of buttons onto pipe cleaners to mimic Corduroy's search for his missing button. This activity helps children to develop skills in sorting and also helps them develop finger movement as they string the buttons onto the pipe cleaners. The second activity encourages students to work on their pencil- and crayon-holding skills as they connect and trace buttons on a large sheet of paper. These activities are a fantastic celebration of a timeless literary character while also engaging and challenging students to develop and improve their fine motor skills.

Why is it important to include opportunities to develop fine motor skills in the classroom?

The classroom is an ideal space for group instruction and activities. Students will learn to develop the motor skills necessary for holding small objects, writing utensils, and other objects. Encouraging students to develop these skills through play ensures that interactive group learning doesn't feel like a chore. As students gain confidence and strength in their fine motor skills, they will develop more advanced dexterity.

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 Corduroy Activities

Required Materials:

1Corduroy's Missing Button Activity

Poke holes in the top of the container lid, and place pipe cleaners in the holes. Have students string and sort various buttons onto the pipe cleaners.

2Connecting Buttons Activity

Hang a large sheet of paper on the wall, and attach buttons to the paper. Have students connect the lines between matching buttons, trace paths around buttons, and more.


Use these Corduroy-inspired activities in the classroom to encourage students to participate in group play and develop their fine motor skills! Be sure to browse our list of fine motor products, resources, and professional development.