Candy Holiday Decor Activity

Candy Holiday Decor Activity

The holiday season is filled with laughter and joy, so why not incorporate that feeling into the classroom? Decorating your classroom for the holidays is a fun and easy way to bring some seasonal cheer to your students. Holiday decorations can also help create a more warm and welcoming classroom environment for students, which in turn helps them be more positive and engaged learners.

With the Candy Holiday Decor Activity, you'll be creating large peppermint decorations for your classroom. The incorporation of peppermints, a staple candy and symbol of the holiday season, as part of your school decorations will help all students feel joyful and respected—no matter what holiday they celebrate at home. So, come all ye craftful, joyful, and triumphant, and bring some holiday cheer into the classroom with the Candy Holiday Decor Activity!

Required Materials:

1Paint the Plates

On the back of a paper plate (using either red or green paint) paint a peppermint pattern. When painting the pattern, think of wavy triangles and thin lines to really give it that peppermint look! Also, make sure to paint the pattern on an even number of plates. You'll need two decorated paper plates for each peppermint you make.

2Make the Peppermints

When the plates are dry, take the hot glue gun and glue two plates together (painted sides facing out). The hard candy of the peppermint is ready to be wrapped!

3Wrap the Peppermints

Wrap the "mints" in cellophane, but make sure you leave extra cellophane on the sides. Using ribbon, tie each side of the cellophane and cut off the extra ribbon. The peppermint is now finished and ready to hang up in the classroom!

The Candy Holiday Decor Activity is a sweet craft you can make to celebrate the holidays in your classroom. Be sure to shop our art supplies and browse our activity ideas and seasonal crafts for more inspiration!