Chalk Water Prints

Chalk Water Prints

Chalk is a timeless favorite of kids everywhere (and even some grownups, too)! It's versatile, fun, and allows children to express their creativity endlessly. Chalk Water Prints are an easy way to explore a new use for chalk and create unique masterpieces in the process. Enjoying this activity is as easy as creating a chalk water mixture, dipping in your paper, letting your prints dry, and showing off your new creations for the world to see!

This activity is the perfect opportunity to talk with children about the colors they'll use to create their prints. Ask children to name the different colors and to predict what new colors they'll create when combined. You can even ask them what their favorite color is and work together to create that color using other colors. For example, if their favorite color is orange you can mix red and yellow chalk together to add orange to their chalk print. The color combinations, and the opportunities for fun, are endless with this hands-on arts and craft activity!

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 Chalk Prints

Required Materials:

1Prepare Your Chalk Water Mixture

First, fill your container with water. You'll want to be sure to use a container that's larger and wider than an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Then, take your plastic knife with your chalk and begin to grate your chalk into the water. Make careful strokes lengthwise down the side of your chalk. Your water should now begin to change colors with the more chalk you grate into the water. We recommend using multiple colors for the most colorful results! You can use any colors you'd like to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

2Get Creative!

Now it's time to make your prints! Once you have created a color mixture that you like, take a sheet of paper and gently place it level over the water. Be careful not to fully submerge the entire sheet of paper! You just want to gently place it over the water so only one side makes direct contact with the chalk water. Once you have done this, gently shake off any excess water and lay the paper out to dry.

3Show Off Your Masterpieces!

Now that it's dry, your creation is complete! One of the best parts about this activity is that, unlike traditional chalk art that is usually confined to the ground, you can take your chalk-based creations indoors and hang them up wherever you'd like. The more paper you have on hand, the more chalk art prints you and your children can create, and the more color combinations you can experiment with. That means more pieces of art you can share with family and friends.


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