Quick Guide for Selecting Different Types of Sands

Quick Guide for Selecting Different Types of Sands

Playing with sand is a wonderful opportunity for children to create, build, and explore. Whether molding new shapes, tracing letters, or engaging in open-ended play, early educators can incorporate a variety of different types of sand to enhance sensory experiences. Shovels, buckets, and other toys can also be added in the sand and water center to encourage children to experiment with building new creations, as well as helping to develop fine motor skills. Interpersonal skills such as problem solving, sharing, and communication are also supported through group play.

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 Sand Types Guide

1Moon Sand

Moon Sand is an amazing moldable sand that holds its shape! It never dries out, is completely reusable, and is easily sanitized. Moon Sand is also dust-free, gluten-free, and allergen-free.

2Play Sand

Play Sand is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and is especially great for molding shapes and building when wet. It's also environmentally friendly and 100% natural.

3Kinetic Sand™

Children will be fascinated with the nonstop motion of Kinetic Sand™. Not only is it incredibly entertaining, but it's also wheat-, gluten-, and casein-free. Kinetic Sand™ can't get wet, won't leave any residue or stains, and provides hours of fun!

4Jurassic Sensory Sands


Jurassic Sensory Sands each have a unique quality that children will find captivating. These sands can be used wet or dry for sensory exploration. Jurassic Sensory Sands are eco-friendly; allergy friendly; and dust-, dye-, and chemical-free.

  • Jurassic Knot Sand is made from corncobs grown in the USA and is a lightweight alternative to sand with large grains. Its rough texture is also ideal for sensory exploration.
  • Jurassic Quick Sand is desert sand that transforms into real quicksand when wet! Quick Sand can be used while wet or dry.
  • Jurassic Riverbed Sand has large, clean grains that can be used wet or dry in sand and water tables.
  • Jurassic Garnet Sand is made from pink and purple rare earth gemstones that subtly change color in different light. It never loses its color and won't stick to hands, clothes, or shoes.


5Space Sand Primary Pack

Have you ever wanted to travel to Mars? Well, now you can with the Space Sand Primary Pack! As the closest thing to the sand on Mars, Space Sand can be molded underwater for out-of-this-world entertainment. It never gets wet, even after it's used to build underwater. As soon as the sand is removed from water, it becomes completely dry again.


Include various types of sand in your early learning environments to provide indoor and outdoor sensory experiences. Be sure to browse our selection of sand and water products, free resources, and related professional development.