Swinging Cup Art

Swinging Cup Art

Enjoy an afternoon of mess-free crafting with Swinging Cup Art! Take this activity outside to get children active while expressing their creativity. Swinging Cup Art requires only a cup, yarn, rods, and paint to make your own outdoor art studio. Children will love swinging their cup to see the different designs, patterns, and colors they can create.

What is the difference between process art and product art?

This activity stresses the importance of process-focused art over product-focused art. Process-focused art is when there are no step-by-step instructions and no set example for end results. The art is focused on the experience, including discovering different techniques, tools, and materials. By encouraging process art rather than product art, children are given the opportunity to create their own unique piece that displays their creativity.

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 Cup Art Printable

Required Materials:

1Make Holes

Take your plastic cup and punch four holes of equal distance. This can be done with a hole punch or scissors.

2Attach String

Cut and tie four separate pieces of string to the holes. Take each of these strings and make a loop at the top with all of them.


Take three wooden rods and wrap a rubber band around the top to create a bundle. Separate the unsecured ends to create a tent-like figure with the rods. Place the tent like figure on top of large pieces of paper. This will be your canvas.


Hang the loop created by the strings from one of the rods to allow the cup to swing.


Fill the cup with a watercolor of choice. Create a small hole in the bottom of the cup. Encourage children to swing the cup in order to create their own masterpiece!


As much fun as art crafts can be, they can also be messy and difficult to clean up. With Swinging Cup Art, children can make a mess with minimal cleanup required! Take this fun craft outside for mess-free painting that will encourage children to channel their inner artist. Be sure to browse our selection of art supplies and fun crafts and activities to help children work on developing their dexterity.