Sunflower Seed STEAM

Sunflower Seed STEAM

Easy and fun, the Sunflower Seed STEAM activity is the perfect way to combine creativity with inquiry-based learning! Children will love putting the "A" in STEAM as they work to create their very own sunflowers—complete with sunflower seeds—in this hands-on activity that not only supports early art skills, but promotes fine-motor development and science explorations, too.

What Is Sunflower Seed STEAM?

Perfect for STEAM learning with a nature-inspired twist all year round, the Sunflower Seed STEAM activity is a simple activity that combines arts and crafts with science, creating an interdisciplinary lesson that benefits whole-child development. For example, as children use clay and crayons to create the petals and center of their sunflowers, they are expressing their creativity hands-on. And, when they add their sunflower seeds to the sunflowers' center, they are sparking various opportunities for growth from fine-motor development to observation skills and problem solving.

How Can I Use This In My Lesson Plan?

There are endless possibilities for including this activity in your lesson plan! Perfect for home or school, the Sunflower Seed STEAM activity is a wonderful way for children to explore the different parts of a sunflower while expressing their creativity. Encourage children to build their early math skills by counting each seed they add to or take away from the center of their flower. Invite them to observe the sunflower seeds and share their ideas about how flowers and other plants grow. Did you know sunflower seeds are edible? Start a group discussion about what other plants, and even flowers, the children love to eat! Art and science discoveries are just the beginning with the Sunflower Seed STEAM activity.

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 Sunflower Seed STEAM

Required Materials:

1Gather Your Materials

Gather your sunflower seeds, air dry clay, sunflower template, and other items needed to make your sunflowers for this activity! Tip: Grownups, please note that the air dry clay may take a while to harden and dry. If you're short on time, create the sunflower centers and add the sunflower seeds before you invite children to complete this activity.

2Decorate Your Sunflowers

Encourage children to decorate the petals of their sunflowers with yellow crayon before giving them air dry clay to create the center of their flowers. Once children have finished coloring their flowers, instruct them to squish, flatten, and mold the clay into a small "pancake" to make the flower's center. Next, invite them to add sunflower seeds to the clay center.

3Collect Your Seeds!

Using easy grip tweezers, instruct the children to pick out the sunflower seeds from the flower's center and drop them into a bowl or container. This activity is a great opportunity to learn more about the life cycle and parts of a sunflower!


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