Storytelling Rocks Activity

Storytelling Rocks Activity

Children are full of imagination and are able to make up stories about almost anything. Let their creativity flourish with the Storytelling Rocks Activity. Having props will make the storytelling more exciting, and it will give children the freedom to dictate their own individual story. The rocks can be used over and over again to create different plots and activities. This project will encourage dramatic play, creativity, and imagination among young children.

How does the Storytelling Rocks Activity promote dramatic play?

Painted rocks create endless possibilities for children to come up with their own tales and fantasies. It is also fun to give different rocks to different children and let them add pieces to the story as it develops. You will challenge children's imagination and spur an opportunity for them to immerse themselves in a storytelling adventure. Dramatic play provides an emotional outlet for children to better understand their own feelings and imaginations.

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 Storytelling Rocks

Required Materials:

1Prep the Rocks

Using warm water and a mild soap, wash the rocks and let them air dry. Cover the sides of the rocks you want to paint with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Let them dry for the recommended time on the Mod Podge bottle.

2Paint the Rocks

Pick a series of objects to paint on your rocks that will make great stories. If your items are related, it will make storytelling go a little more smoothly, but be creative here! Children will be able to make a story out of any items you paint.

3Seal the Rocks

Allow your painted rocks to dry for a short period of time. Cover them with a top coat of Modge Podge to seal your paintings.

4Have Storytime!

Use the rocks to tell stories and tales that will bring entertainment and joy to young children. Encourage children to use the rocks to come up with their own stories!


Include the Storytelling Rocks Activity in your lesson plans to nurture children's creativity both indoors and outdoors. The rocks are perfect for dramatic play and literacy activities. Be sure to browse our selection of dramatic play and literacy materials, resources, and related professional development.