Sleigh Launchers Holiday Activity

Sleigh Launchers Holiday Activity

‘Tis the season for creativity and cheer with STEAM sleigh launchers! This fun holiday-themed activity provides children with hands-on STEAM experiences to encourage learning through play! The design and creation of each sleigh launcher is a whimsical way to introduce children to the ideas of gravity, force, and a variety of other concepts. The Sleigh Launchers Holiday Activity gives children the chance to decorate and personalize their own paper sleigh and then use their breath to send it soaring into the sky.

Where the Learning Occurs:

    • Science – Basic concepts are naturally learned when observing how weight and gravity affect each sleigh's ability to fly.
    • Technology – Children can experiment with straw placement, how hard they blow, size of the sleigh, etc. to see if the sleigh can fly higher or farther.
    • Engineering – Ask children what they may be able to change to get different results.
    • Art – Children can draw and color any size, shape, and design of sleigh that they choose.
    • Math – Incorporate time by counting how long (in seconds) the sleigh stays in flight.

Download our FREE printable below!

 Sleigh Activity

Required Materials:

1Download and Decorate

Download our FREE sleigh printable! Encourage children to color it however they choose.

2 Prep the Sleigh

Assist children in cutting and gluing a large recycled paper straw on the backside of the sleigh. Be sure to glue one end closed, so it is completely sealed off.

3 Launch!

Slide a smaller paper straw inside of the larger one. Have the children blow into the smaller straw and watch their sleigh fly into the air.


Incorporate the Sleigh Launchers Holiday Activity into your classroom this holiday season to encourage STEAM learning and scientific inquiry. Be sure to browse our list of STEM and STEAM products, resources, and professional development.