Reindeer Food Activity

Reindeer Food Activity

Santa Claus is coming to town, and so are his magic reindeer! We know that Santa loves milk and cookies, but what about his sleigh-flying pals? Take the time to thank Santa's reindeer by giving them a holiday treat with this fun and easy Reindeer Food Activity!

How Can I Use This Activity In The Classroom?

After creating and bagging up the reindeer food, you could encourage your children to write a letter or draw a picture for Santa and his reindeer to go with the reindeer food. Upon arriving back from after the holiday break, perhaps they can return to find that Santa wrote the whole class a letter thanking them all for the reindeer food which helped to keep his magic reindeer energized all night when delivering presents to children across the world! Though you can use whatever you'd like to make the reindeer food, we recommend oats and colorful sprinkles!

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Reindeer Food Activity


1Gather Your Materials

Begin by making sure you have everything you need for the reindeer food activity. This includes your free reindeer food label, a bowl, a spoon, plastic storage bags, oats, colorful sprinkles, and either a stapler or tape.

2Create and Bag Your Reindeer Food!

First, pour some oats in your bowl. Next take your colorful sprinkles and add as much as you'd like to make it nice and colorful! Then, mix it all together with your spoon. Once your reindeer food is all mixed up, begin pouring it into a plastic storage bag and seal it up.

3Add Your Label!

Fold your reindeer food label in half so that one quote will be readable on one side, and the other will be readable on the other side. Lastly, either tape your label on top of your reindeer food bag or staple it to the top of your reindeer food bag. Now your reindeer food is ready for those magic reindeer!

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