Germ Science Activity

Germ Science Activity

Germs, and fever, and sickness, OH MY! During cold and flu season, it's important to teach children about handwashing and proper sanitation practices. This intriguing activity is incredibly effective in illustrating how easily germs are transmitted and how perfectly hand washing can prevent further spreading.

Why It Is Important to Teach Children About Germs

Teaching children about germs is important to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. When children understand that germs and the spread of germs are what make people sick, we can then educate them on how to safeguard themselves and protect their environment.

How to Teach Children About Germs

Explaining that germs are so tiny that we can't see them is an abstract concept. Incorporating the germ science activity into a lesson about germs will serve as an illustration of how they are spread. You can emphasize this concept by using a microscope or magnifying glass to enlarge materials children may not normally see. Be sure to encourage children to cough and sneeze into their elbow to block germs from circulating in the air.

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 Germ Science

Required Materials:

1Mix and Spread

Ask children to hold out their hands and give them one pump of gel hand sanitizer along with a sprinkle of glitter. Have them rub their hands together to spread the mixture evenly over their hands.


Encourage children to go about their usual activities of interacting, playing, and learning.

3Observe and Assess

Explain that the glitter represents classroom germs and ask children to observe how easily the germs have spread to friends, objects, and surfaces that they have touched.


Invite children to wash their hands and wipe down surfaces containing the glitter germs to demonstrate how easy it can be to prevent them from spreading.


Share and create glittery fun colors with friends and classmates! Browse our selection os classroom arts and crafts and related resources to welcome warm wishes and to start planning creative activities and crafts.