Kindness Color Mixing Activity

Kindness Color Mixing Activity

Blending friendships happens naturally through color mixing. Individually, children have red, yellow, and blue but together they have every color of the rainbow! Children can pair up and enjoy mixing and creating colors in an interactive and exciting way. Kindness, understanding, and cooperation are wonderful additional benefits!

Color Mixing Experiments for Preschoolers

Color mixing sparks curiosity and paves the way for introducing the scientific method. Critical thinking skills are encouraged when we ask children questions such as: What do you think will happen if we mix red and blue together? Can we use two colors to make green? How many different colors do you think we can make?

Teaching Kindness

Color mixing illustrates to children that while they are fantastic individually, together, they are capable of so much more. Emphasize character traits such as respect, cooperation, kindness, and understanding. Building community and consideration in the classroom is promoted when including this kindness exercise into the lesson plan.

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 Color Mixing

Required Materials:

1Prepare the Space

Lay a piece of newsprint paper on the table. Draw a large heart or other desired shape on the paper.

2Choose Colors

Have children choose which colors of paint they would like to paint their hands. Encourage them to use two different colors.

3Press, Mix, and Enjoy!

Ask children to press their hand on the paper to make their handprints. Facilitate mixing with a friend. Watch the colors blend and mix to create new colors!

4Connect it to Kindness

Ask children what they learned during this activity. Did they make a new friend? Did they have to use patience? Did they need to be understanding of others? etc.


Share and create glittery fun colors with friends and classmates! Browse our selection os classroom arts and crafts and related resources to welcome warm wishes and to start planning creative activities and crafts.