Rainbow Paper

Rainbow Paper

Invite children to participate in this shimmering sensory activity. Children will ooh and ahh at the visually appealing rainbow design of this quick and easy project. Simply add water to a bowl with a few drops of clear nail polish, dip the paper in, and enjoy the holographic, iridescent sheen that turns out differently each time.

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 Rainbow Paper

Required Materials:


Fill a medium size bowl with water

2Add Nail Polish

Tap a few drops of clear nail polish into the bowl of water.

3Dip Paper!

Carefully and evenly press paper on top of the nail polish and into the water. Remove paper by pinching one corner and slowly taking it out, allowing excess water and polish to drip back into the bowl.

4Allow to Dry

Place paper on a protected surface to dry before fully enjoying.

5Enhance the Learning

Experiment by looking at the paper in different ways such as outside in the sun or looking at it through a magnifying glass. Ask children what changes they observe.


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