Dump Art Activity for Kids

Dump Art Activity for Kids

Loose parts invite children to be creative with the materials they use and with what they make and design. Incorporating activities into your lesson plans that emphasize process over product is essential in helping children develop problem-solving skills and a sense of self-confidence. Dump Art is an open-ended, exploratory activity that incorporates loose art materials and encourages messy play. Simply provide children with a canvas and have them mix together glue, liquid watercolor paint, and an assortment of loose materials. Children will love dumping the glue mixture in the middle of the canvas and creating their own unique piece of art.

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 Dump Art

Required Materials:

1Paint the Canvas

Have children paint the canvas with tempera paint. They can make the canvas one color or paint it multiple colors. Let the canvas dry before proceeding to the next step.

2Make the Glue Mixture

Ask children to mix together ½ cup of glue and their choice of liquid watercolor. Additional watercolor paint may need to be added to make the mixture a richer color.

3Add Loose Parts

Place a variety of loose parts on the table for children to choose from. Ask them to add different materials to the glue mixture and stir it into the glue.


Encourage children to dump their glue mixture in the middle of the canvas and spread it out with the craft sticks. Children may be a little tentative at first, so make sure you let children know that it's okay for them to make a mess.

5Let the Canvas Dry

Once children are done spreading the glue mixture around on the canvas, let it dry for a few days before hanging it up in the classroom.


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