Magic Dry Erase Art

Magic Dry Erase Art

Children will feel like little magicians when they perform this Magic Dry Erase Art activity. Their eyes will light up with amazement as they use common classroom materials to make this unbelievable art appear! Simply guide children through the easy three step process that will have them wanting to create over and over again!

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 Dry Erase Art

Required Materials:


Place a bowl and dry erase markers on the table.


Encourage children to draw simple and colorful pictues or designs on the bottom of the bowl.


Slowly pour warm water into the bowl, not directly on top of the design but on the side.

4Observe the Magic

Watch as the dry erase art slowly peels away from the bottom of the bowl and begins to float on the surface.

5Capture the Art

Gently place a small piece of cardstock on top of the floating design to remove it from the water.


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