Chicken in a Cup Auditory Activity

Chicken in a Cup Auditory Activity

Children are often fascinated with animals and the sounds they make. Nurture their natural curiosity and awaken children's senses by incorporating this fun auditory activity into your lesson plans! This simple activity will have children giggling in delight as they learn how to make a string squawk like a chicken.

What Is Chicken in a Cup?

Chicken in a Cup is an amazing auditory activity for students and teachers alike. With just a cup, string, and wet paper towel, it will sound like you're in a chicken coop! The friction of the wet paper towel on the string creates the squawking sound of a chicken. The cup makes the vibrations of the string against the paper towel louder, projecting the chicken sound further.

How Does This Activity Promote Auditory Exploration?

Encourage students to try pulling on the string at different speeds. How does the chicken sound change? Does the activity work as well in a nonplastic cup? Experiment with these variations to understand differences in pitch and tone. Encourage students to connect the concepts of cup material and the speed of pulling the string to the chicken sound. What variables are causing the sound to change?

Why Is It Important to Include Multisensory Activities in the Classroom?

Sensory activities stimulate students' senses and naturally enhance learning and engagement. Sensory activities, such as Chicken in a Cup, encourage children to engage with activities on multiple levels, promoting cognitive and motor development. Students will be able to make connections and understand the interconnections of new concepts.

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 Chicken Auditory Activity

Required Materials:

  • Plastic Cup
  • Paper Clip
  • Yarn
  • Wet Paper Towel

1Prep the Plastic Cup

Cut a small hole in the plastic cup. Cut a piece of yarn approximately 24". Attach the yarn to the paper clip, and feed it through the hole in the cup.

2Pull String with Wet Paper Towel

Have students pull on the string while holding the wet paper towel.

3Listen to the Chicken Sounds!

Experiment with different pulling speeds to see how the sound changes.


Include the Chicken in a Cup Auditory Activity in the classroom to provide a creative activity that encourages multisensory learning and exploration. Students will think critically and problem solve while experimenting with auditory exploration. Be sure to browse our list of sensory-related products, resources, and professional development.


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