Carrot Pulling Activity

Carrot Pulling Activity

Carrot Pulling is a simple and interactive activity that encourages fine motor development. Using Model Magic, craft sticks, and play dirt, have students create their very own garden of carrots that are ready to be harvested. This activity is perfect for spring and summer and will have students excited to learn.

How does Carrot Pulling encourage students to engage in fine motor development?

As students form their carrots, they will develop fine motor skills by using the small muscles in their fingers and hands. Their fine motor development will also be challenged as they work to pull the carrots out from the dirt with their hands and Easy-Grip Tweezers. Have students try a variety of methods for pulling carrots to challenge them to problem solve and improve their motor development!

Why is it important to include opportunities to develop fine motor skills in the classroom?

The classroom is an ideal space to encourage group instruction and learning. Students will work to develop the motor skills necessary for shaping, rolling, holding small objects, and sorting. Fine motor skills are essential for advancing dexterity and coordination as students grow older.

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 Carrot Pulling

Required Materials:

1Make the Carrots

Mix Crayola® Model Magic with orange tempera paint. Form carrot shapes from the modeling compound, and place a green craft stick in the top to form the stem.

2Plant the Carrots

Fill a tray with play dirt, and "plant" the carrots in the dirt.

3Harvest the Carrots

Have students pull carrots out of the dirt with their hands and Easy-Grip Tweezers.


Pair this preschool activity with the classic book, The Carrot Seed, for additional learning fun! Be sure to browse our list of language and literacy materials and resources and our list of sensory materials and resources for additional ideas on how to incorporate literacy and sensory activities into the classroom.


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