Apple Boats Fall STEM Activity

Apple Boats Fall STEM Activity

Celebrate the fall season while exploring STEM concepts with this fun apple activity! With just a few simple materials, you can create an exciting hands-on learning opportunity for children to explore. The Apple Boats Fall STEM Activity will help children learn about buoyancy and density as they test their apple boats in the water and race them down the channel.

What is the Apple Boats Fall STEM Activity?

The Apple Boats Fall STEM Activity consists of apples, construction paper, and toothpicks. Teachers will cut apples into different shapes and sizes, and children will make sails out of construction paper. Children will then use toothpicks to connect the sails and apples and construct the boats.

How does this activity encourage STEM learning?

After children make their apple boats, they can explore a variety of STEM concepts as they play and experiment with the boats. Do the apple boats sink or float in water? Why do they float? Does one size boat float better than the others? Do the sails impact how far the boats go down the channel?

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 Apple Boats

Required Materials:

1Make the Boat

Use a knife to cut apples in halves or quarters (adults only) to make the body of the boats.

2Make the Sail

Using scissors, have children cut different-sized triangles out of construction paper to make sails for the apple boats. Poke a toothpick through each triangle to make the sails.

3Put It Together

Insert the toothpick sails into the middle of the apple boats to create the boat masts.

4Set Sail!

Put the apple boats in a bin of water to see if they will sink or float. Explain that the apples are less dense than water, which makes them more buoyant (or able to float). Encourage children to race their apple boats down channels. Children will love following the boats down the channels to see how far and how fast they can go.


Incorporate the Apple Boats Fall STEM Activity into your lesson plans to encourage STEM learning and scientific inquiry. It's also a great way to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day on September 26! Be sure to browse our list of STEM-related products, resources, and professional development for additional tips and ideas on nurturing STEM learning in the classroom.