The Sense of Place for Wee Ones Collection Nurtures the Need for Play

The Sense of Place for Wee Ones collection conceived by Dr. Sandra Duncan is the first modular furniture system that nurtures a child’s inherent need to move, play and belong. Built upon extensive research and theory, the Sense of Place for Wee Ones collection is designed to adapt to the needs of individual environments and the needs infants and toddlers within those particular environments. The individual pieces in this collection work together in multiple different configurations that can be easily arranged and rearranged to encourage children’s innate play patterns.

Use the simple yet sturdy connection system with the modular Sense of Place for Wee Ones furniture pieces to create a flexible classroom that supports physical and cognitive development.

Some suggested configurations include:

  1. Connect the Stove and Cupboard and Sink and Fridge Kitchen using an 18” Corner unit to create an L-shaped kitchen area that maximizes the opportunities for play from all sides of the furniture. Using an 18” Corner to connect the kitchen units provides additional stability and storage for dramatic play items. Each of these pieces have a variety of holes, levels and hidden ramps that promote exploration and patterns of play.37404U - SOP Wee Ones - Sink and Fridge Kitchen - Lifestyle 5
  2. Connect the Activity Island, Angled Storage and Honeycomb Tunnel using a 24” Corner unit to create an L-shaped storage and play area that provides learning opportunities and innate patterns of play. If your space allows, pull this configuration away from the wall, encouraging young pathfinders to navigate through the Honeycomb Tunnel and utilize the furniture from each side. In classrooms with less available space, this configuration can easily be pushed against the wall, turning the Honeycomb Tunnel into a cozy cove. Recessed tops and a variety of holes and ramps provide a variety of different ways to explore the storage pieces.37401U - SOP Wee Ones - Angled Storage - Lifestyle 6
  3. Connect two Honeycomb Tunnels using Corner units to create an L-shaped configuration that can serve as a playful pathway between interest areas in the classroom. Wee ones can navigate through the Honeycomb Tunnels or play with them from the top. Corner units in this configuration provide additional storage for blocks, loose parts or other classroom materials.37493U - SOP Wee Ones - Honeycomb Tunnel - Lifestyle 1
  4. Connect four 18” Corners or four 24” Corners to create a circular shape, softening the overall look of the classroom. Recessed tops on each piece serves as a worksurface where children can play with the materials from the storage shelves. Store blocks, loose parts or other classroom materials.