A New Grant Funding Opportunity for NC Pre-K Classrooms

North Carolina pre-K programs will soon be eligible for a new grant funding opportunity! Governor Cooper recently announced an upcoming grant totaling $8 million in federal funding for NC pre-K classrooms across the state. These grant dollars come from the federal Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools (EANS) budget before transferring to the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) fund. 

Eligible North Carolina pre-K programs could receive a one-time payment of approximately $3,860 in grant funding to spend on classroom materials, playground equipment, curriculum materials, professional development, and more. 

With the announcement of this new grant opportunity, you may have questions about how to get the most out of your grant dollars. When will this grant become available? What items are eligible for purchase using this funding opportunity? How can I learn more information about this grant as it becomes available?

Kaplan is here to answer those questions so that you can provide high-quality educational experiences for every child in your pre-K classroom. Currently, there is little information available regarding this NC pre-K grant funding opportunity. The following article will highlight everything we know thus far. 


What Is the Upcoming NC Pre-K Grant Funding Opportunity?

In an effort to provide high-quality early childhood education to children in North Carolina, Governor Cooper is providing $8 million in federal funding to support more than 2,000 pre-K classrooms across the state. These programs will receive approximately $3800 to spend on classroom upgrades and supplies that enhance the educational experiences for young children. 

What Can I Purchase With the NC Pre-K Grant Funding?

You can use this one-time payment to upgrade your classroom materials, improve facility operations, and help with teacher retention. Some examples of projects and materials you can purchase with this grant include:

  • Storage lockers or cubby units where children can store their personal belongings when entering the classroom
  • Interactive games and learning kits that help children build a solid foundation of early literacy skills
  • Supporting materials that help you successfully implement your pre-K curriculum in the classroom
  • STEM kits that allow children to explore natural loose parts and develop their problem-solving skills
  • Playground equipment that can enhance your outdoor learning environments and promote the growth of gross motor skills
  • Projects that improve the health and safety of your facility and/or pre-K classroom
  • Books and other classroom materials that support the mental health of young children and pre-K teachers
  • Professional development for pre-K teachers and staff

If you need assistance ordering items that meet the guidelines of this new grant funding, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a North Carolina territory rep. They will happily help you choose the items and projects that best fit the needs of your pre-K program. 

When Will I Receive Grant Funding, and How Long Will I Have to Spend It?

Unfortunately, this information is not available at this time. We will update this article with dates and timeframes once the application and spending deadlines become available.

Where Can I Shop for Eligible Items and Materials?

Once this grant funding is available, it will be time to spend it on materials and projects that enhance the educational experiences your pre-K program provides young children. 

You can make this process easier by speaking with a Kaplan North Carolina territory rep who can give you more information regarding NC grant opportunities. They will help you choose the best classroom materials and educational resources for the children in your pre-K classroom. To connect with a North Carolina territory rep, click here

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