Sunscreen Painting

Sunscreen Painting

Celebrate the arrival of summer with the Sunscreen Painting activity! This fun and simple craft will allow kids to have fun in the sun while learning how to be safe outside in the summer. Inspire creativity and teach the importance of sun safety by swapping traditional paint for sunscreen this summer.

How Can I Include This in My Lesson Plan?

Sunscreen Painting is a simple painting activity, but it incorporates both creative and scientific thinking. Children will learn the importance of sun safety as they observe their sunscreen painting before and after it is exposed to the sun. You may even encourage them to hypothesize what will happen to their painting before leaving it to soak up some rays.

This spin on painting is a great way to spark creativity, too. Allow children to create their own design as they paint in nature, or use the activity as an opportunity to teach shapes and letters. For example, you might encourage them to tell you which shapes they've incorporated into their picture or ask them to paint their name. After a few hours, they will have a painting that is unique and reminds them of the importance of wearing sunscreen! Who knew sun safety could be so fun?

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 Sunscreen Painting

Required Materials:

1Gather Your Materials

Place your black cardstock paper on a flat surface. Be sure to secure the corners with paper weights so that the wind doesn't blow it away! Squeeze some sunscreen into a bowl.

2Let Your Creativity Shine

Now, the children can use the paint brush to create their very own work of art. Encourage them to draw shapes or their name, or let their creativity run wild.

3Reveal Your Masterpiece!

Allow your paintings to sit in direct sunlight for 2 to 3 hours. Show the children the final product to reveal how the sunscreen protected their designs!


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